Seca mBCA 514

The seca mBCA, is a bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) device, that is used by institutions like the Mayo Clinic and ESPN Wide World of Sports. It works by sending a small current into you and measure the resistance of the various tissues and fluids, as this current pass through them. A unique measuring system use that information to calculate fat mass, muscle mass and body water. The seca mBCA is the most advance bioelectrical impedance analysis device, in the world. The “m” in mBCA, means “medical”, because it is the only device specifically designed for medical applications.

The seca mBCA breaks down weight into several compartments which are very relevant in performance diagnostics and improvement. These compartments are fat mass(FM) and fat-free mass (FFM), total body water (TBW), extracellular water (ECW), skeletal muscle mass (SMM) and lean soft tissue (LST). This differentiation makes seca mBCA the world’s only device that distinguishes total body water (TBW) from extracellular water (ECW). This allow us to determine the amount of water inside and outside of the cells, which is an accurate assessment of an athlete’s hydration or fluid status.

The seca mBCA also gives pertinent information about your fitness and nutrition status, and energy stores in the body, by calculating resting energy and total energy expenditure. The seca mBCA also has an important feature to assess general health and health risk. This measurement is called the Phase Angle. Studies have shown that a high phase angle indicates good health, nutrition, and function of the cells in the body. While a low phase angle is seen in cases of poor health, nutrition, and even in cancer patients. It is therefore a very good tool to evaluate an individual’s current fitness and health status.

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